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Education is a process that takes long years and can result difficult for a few when it refers to the traditional methods like college education. Nevertheless multi adventures camps benefit the pedagogical and self-esteem development. As a result the participants foster practices and habits that boost the interest for learning and its anxiety of knowledge. Thanks to this informal model presented in a didactical and recreative way, in a secure environment, young people are learning without realizing it. 


Keeping on being a Mexican company, founded in 2010, providing high quality multi adventures camps with fair prices, always looking for giving an excellent service to each one of our customers.


  • Be leader in the industry of multi adventures camps in Morelos state and increase our presence in other markets
  • Prepare our multi adventure camps with innovations and creativity.
  • Reduce the most possible the impact on natural environment by our camps.
  • Evaluate the scope of our programs to provide quantitative results as well as qualitative.
  • Keep on enjoying our service vocation at Be Camping Mexico.

The Be Camping Mexico “Flame”

Our logo is the flame, representing the passion for what we are doing, who we are and who we want to become.

Through our recreative outdoors programs we pretend to light up the flame for a better Mexico thanks to informal education and living experience learning.


For us it is very important that our participants work and live all the activities through various values, so every day a special value is chosen to practice.





Cultural identity

-they are just some of the many values ​​that represent us-

The Be Campers from last years have said that…

the activities seemed excellent to them 98%
the facilities seemed excellent to them 97%
the taste of foods was excellent : 96%
the coaches made them feel excellent : 95%
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All campers are protected by:

  • On call paramedics during all the camp. 24 hours a day.
  • Facilities completely and clearly delimited. Nobody come in or come out.
  • Medical insurance in case of accident. Complete cover from the time they come into the bus.
  • Hospital situated at only one block from our facilities.
  • Staff trained in first aids and risks prevention as well as in group control, pedagogy, entertainment and recreation.
  • Closed circuit of surveillance cameras in our facilities.
  • 10 years of experience is supporting us. 

At Be Camping Mexico we are committed to provide very high level of security for our participants.



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