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We have municipal police at the time of access and exit of our facilities, closed circuit security cameras, fully lined facilities, paramedic security 24 hours a day with ambulance and General Hospital at less than 300 meters.

The rooms for the participants are shared with a maximum of 10 beds in each of the rooms. Of course they are separated by gender and sleep accompanied by a counselor for each 7 campers.

Each of the rooms has a minimum of 3 toilets and 3 fully private showers, with all comfortable hot water, soap and towels.

Yes we have wireless internet service for any need and communication, but the use of electronic devices is not allowed under any circumstances. This is done for the safety of all participants because information such as: location, inappropriate photos, publications can be shared. We are not fighting with technology, we just want to use it as a tool in favor of education.

We handle the movement of participants with our safety protocol which includes a security car behind the bus and an ambulance with paramedics on board. Our supplier is Pullman from Morelos who provides service and entertainment with screens and bathrooms on board.

We make a balanced menu with the necessary nutrients due to the physical and emotional wear that children face with 5 foods a day: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner. Plenty of fluids to keep us hydrated, adding the hydration points distributed throughout the facilities. If a camper does not want to eat, we invite him to try it to decide if he does not like it, it does not apply in the case of allergies, after that we reach a negotiation where he eats a minimum and in extreme cases we have a second option for his food .