In BE CAMPING MEXICO, all camping activities have the purpose of developing our campers. We have the following activities...


By means of these activities, the Be Campers will succeed to develop elementary physical abilities thanks to movements and specific actions used in sports. Some of the games we used as a basis are: Basket-ball, volley-ball, soccer, swimming, ultimate frisbee, among others.

These are some of the activities or experiences taking place during free time. It can be individual or in group, in a voluntary way, free and pleasant. The only goal is reaching a personal satisfaction which can result into a intellectual, physical and social increase.

Artistic activities are essential for the sensorial, motor, cognitive, emotional and social growth of people throughout their life. On this basis, at Be Camping Mexico, thanks to games, songs, music instruments, theatrical performances, drawing, among others, Be Campers will be able to boost their creativity and imagination in order to create a symbolic of the world surrounding them.

Activities with the objective of organizing and guiding in learning situations, with a instructive nature basing on our informal way of education in which any opportunity is perfect to learn playing with the equipment we have, outdoor and into a acceptation and trust atmosphere.

Adventure activities that can be individual or team, where the motivation to reach the goal is above any obstacle. The goal is to end, overcome oneself and for this, it is necessary to develop physical, motor, endurance and, above all, a great psychological preparation, reinforcing empathy and friendship among the Be Camper

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